Exploring and adopting antiracist practices for P-20 education professionals.

June 17 & 18, 2021
12 - 4 PM PST
2-Day Virtual Conference

About The Conference

Two Days of Mind Shifting Experience
12-4 PM PST
June 17 & 18, 2021

As a part of rIDEALS Summer Intensive Program, the virtual rIDEALS Synergy Conference will kick off a three-month-long learning experience for Washington State P-20 education community members who are in pursuit of adopting antiracist practices — both personally and professionally.

Designed to challenge principals, administrators, teachers, students, and families, the conference will introduce Racial Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, Leadership & Service (rIDEALS) topics of discussion. Participants will then have the opportunity to further their learning through various conferences, training, and one-on-one coaching sessions throughout the summer.


The conference and summer intensive program is open to all P-20 education community members. However, administrators, teachers, staff, CBOs, and volunteers associated with the 36 CRMI-cohort schools are able to attend most sessions and trainings complimentary, due to a generous grant from College Spark, Washington. That's a $1,000 per person value per person!


rIDEALS Synergy Conference will be pushed you to explore uncomfortable topics to grow your personal and professional capacity, as well as contribute and share your learnings. Each learning module allows for interaction, storytelling, shared and collective learning, as well as group and individual reflection and debriefing. In addition, you will leave with practical tools to support you and your school environment along your journey.




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Main Speakers

Our Speakers

rIDEALS Synergy Conference will feature some of Washington State's most powerful speakers and consultants leading Washington State's DEI work within communities and schools.
Dr. John Gaines

Founder of Push for Dreams & Professional Learning Consultant

Shaunte Johnson

Co-founder of Inner Enso & Professional Learning Consultant

Christian Paige
Poet & Speaker

Consultant & Educator

Monika Mathews

Consultant & Philanthropist

W. Victor Fitch
CTE-Professional Series Speaker

President of Dayspring & Fitch, Founder of D&F Capital, Musician & Poet

Jaebadiah Gardner, J.D.
CTE-Professional Series Speaker

Founder of GardnerGlobal, Inc. & Onpoint Real Estate Services

Atuanya Priester
CTE-Professional Series Speaker

Founder of Multimedia Production Company

Todd Conley, MBA
CTE-Professional Series Speaker

Founder of & Consultant

Dr. Greg Benner

Academic and Behavioral Consultant

Female Speaker

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Educators and administrators can be confident in the learning they receive. Our program is supported at the state level.
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